Selections From Ravi's Portfolio of Photography

Ravi has been taking pictures of stuff since he was seven so he's got loads and loads of pretty things to show you. All photos on this gallery are gigantic so leave some time for them to load (the image sizes are placed to the right of the link so you know how long you may have to wait).

Most of these photos are scaled down so they're easier to see. If you've got a big screen monitor you can right click and select "view image" to get the full, unadulterated view that Ravi saw when he took the picture.

Fall 2011
Flooded Way (2.54 mB)
Split Oak Forest After the Fire (2.67 mB)

Summer 2011
Off the Path (1.81 mB)

Spring 2011

Too much to do (2.28 mB)

Winter 2010
Another Wonderful Day (68 kB)

Fall 2010
Fall Colors (2.5 mB)

Summer 2010
Wander the Beach (135 kB)
From Russia With Love (2.25 mB)

Spring 2010

A Bridge over Peaceful Waters (5 mB)
Mt. Diablo, California (13 mB)
Winter 2009
A View into the Forest (2.5 mB)

Fall 2009
UCF Arboretum (7 mB)
Ocala National Forest (7.5 mB)

Summer 2009
One Night In Reno (4 mB)

Spring 2009
Just a Lizard (6 mB)
UCF Arboretum 2 (5 mB)
Fall - Winter 2008
How Embarrassing (2 mB)

Summer 2008
In Your Shadow (2.5 mB)

Spring 2008
Peace (2.5 mB)
Winter 2007
The Red Path into the Forest (2 mB)

Fall 2007
Do Not Take Bricks (2 mB)

Summer 2007
Turning Points (2 mB)
The SOD Museum (2 mB)

Spring 2007
The Bay Bridge (3.5 mB)
Winter 2006
Stare At The Ocean (3.89 mB)

Fall 2006
The Vanishing Point (2.22 mB)

Spring-Summer 2006
Come Walk with Me (6.6 mB)
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